What They’re Saying

“Since Independence, Inc. arranged for Kingdom Builders to build the ramp (for our father) things are so much easier.  We are able to take him to his doctor appointments, the store, rides around the lake.  He is a new man and is able to enjoy what remaining time he has.” – Tammie Bryant 

“I tried on my own to get jobs in the past. No one would hire me, and I became scared. Here (at TJ Maxx), no one discriminates against me or puts me down because of my disability. I am excited to have a job and get a paycheck.” – Sandy S., Youth Employment Program participant

“Independence, Inc. has provided wonderful transportation services to support my appointment needs. The scheduling has gone with great ease and the availability to use technology to schedule a month in advance is a nice service. No matter how much notice has been givien, Transportation has been able to support the change in plan. Each driver I have had has been supportive, friendly, professional, accommodating, and very courteous. I have especially enjoyed having the same driver since I drive to Kansas City every single mornig. In conclusion, Independence, Inc. support provided a service that took a huge burden off not only myself, but my family’s mind. We would like to thank each and every member of the transportation department.” – Deb Young, E.d.S

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate the great work and assistance of Independence Inc. I was looking for funding for a portable lift and read in a newsletter, that grants were available through Independence Inc. Mary Ann Newton explained the process and was so very helpful in walking me through the steps to obtain my portable lift and a new independence which I have not had in a long while.  The lift will now allow me to travel with just my fiancée without taking someone else along with us.  I am so grateful there are organizations out there to help the disabled.  Keep up the great work!”  – Michael Vestal

“[Because of Independence, Inc.] I was able to ask for reasonable accommodations so that I could work and not be fearful that I would be fired for missing days due to my disability. I feel confident that I can do and enjoy things that non-disable people can. I have better self esteem and realize that being disabled can also be a gift at times.” – Lorie W.

“Bob helped me navigate through requesting an accommodation at work and with my housing.  Though I have had a few questions, I feel that the next time I encounter these situations I will be able to work through them on my own.  Bob gave me tons of resources and really let me verbally work through the whole process so that I felt confident and able to handle the situations. He is such an asset to our community!” – A.B.

“Without them, I would have no way to learn to read.” – Carmen Michelle Mathias

“They were so much help and everyone was nice and friendly. I would tell anyone who could to go for it.” (Youth Employement Program) – Tia 


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