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    There are so many ways to connect with us! 
    Give us a call, instant chat with a live person during business hours (by clicking the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner), visit our Contact Page
    for individual staff members or departments, or visit us on social media!


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    Emergency preparedness is an essential part of independent living. Watch the FEMA “We Prepare Everyday“ videos, visit the Office of Disability Integration and Coordination for more on FEMA inclusive emergency management and disaster preparedness, learn all about making an emergency plan and so much more from the FEMA Ready Campaign


    Are you experiencing symptoms of Long-Covid? Has the pandemic affected your income, mental health, job capabilities or created other hardships? Are you on Medicaid and wondering how to maintain coverage now that the Public Health Emergency Period has ended?  We can help!

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    Do you know the personal benefits of Planned and Major Gift Giving?  Understanding the intersectionality of donor benefits and planned giving can be a critical part of your estate planning. Organizations like ours look to these major gifts for long-term sustainability and growth of critical programs and services. Would you like to learn more? Visit our Planned Giving page

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    Check out our new art gallery! Our weekly Art Therapy Peer Groups have a lot of fun exercising their creativity with their fabulous art projects and we want to share them with YOU!


    We are here for YOU and your public transportation needs including local rides within Lawrence city limits, County rides throughout Douglas County, and Medical rides to the greater KC and Topeka areas. Call us today or visit

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    What is a Center for Independent Living (CIL)?

    Learn all about the Independent Living Movement and the formation of Centers for Independent Living from the National Council on Independent Living website

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    Our FY 2023 Annual Report will be published soon! Catch a sneak peek with our online flipbook version!

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    Asking for a needed job accommodation can be a critical component to success on the job and personal and professional growth
    Read through this helpful and informative article about knowing your rights and taking the uncertainty out of asking for an accommodation

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    The goal of the FEMA Ready Campaign is to prepare all of us for a natural disaster or other emergency. Each year, the focus is on underserved communities and this year, the goal is targeted help for older adults and their caregivers, to make a plan and be ready if disaster strikes.

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    New Resource: A guide to Disability Rights Laws and Contact Information in the United States Download the PDF Here!


    Independence, Inc. virtual Peer Groups now include Art and Music Therapy! Interested? Check out the information HERE

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    Knowing your rights as an employee with a disability can be critical to job satisfaction, security and earning potential and recognizing and mitigating discrimination or discriminatory practices. Visit the EEOC website for the latest news, publications, overview of disability laws and other valuable resources and information

    Bulletin board background with the Administration for Community Living logo in red, blue and gold, with text that reads Strengthening the Direct Care Workforce through grants, training, information and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) resources for self-direction.

    Visit the Association for Community Living website - Strengthening the Direct Care Workforce page to see what YOU can do to self-direct in this challenging era and become an advocate for and partner in rebuilding and expanding the Direct Care Workforce


    Have you been diagnosed with or think you may have symptoms of Long Covid? Are you interested in learning more about the condition, sharing resources, finding information and being part of a Long-COVID Peer Support Group? Contact us today to find out more! New participants and guest facilitators welcome!

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      Our Welcome Spring edition of our newsletter is published! Check out what we've been up to, center and community news and resources