Independent Living Skills Training

Contact: Emily Frye , Independent Living/Peer Counseling Specialist
841-0333 ext. 107

The goal of the Independent Living Skills Program of Independence, Inc. is to assist individuals with disabilities in maximizing their potential to lead fulfilling and productive lives in their homes and the community. Through Independent Living Skills training, individuals can increase their self-reliance and independence.

Training Topics

We offer training in the following areas:

  • Money Management
    • Budgeting Skills
    • Comparison Shopping
    • Managing Checking or Savings Accounts
  • Household Management
    • Meal Planning
    • Cooking Skills
    • Cleaning and Laundry Skills
    • Household Safety
    • Personal Hygiene
  • Consumer Control
    • Self-advocacy
    • Assertiveness Skills
    • Strategy for Obtaining Community Services
  • Employment Preparation
    • Preparing a Resume
    • Preparing for Interviews
    • Becoming Familiar with Employment Opportunities
  • Organizational Skills
    • Scheduling
    • Alternatives for Memory Loss
    • Creative Problem Solving
  • Utilizing Community Transportation
    • Transportation Options
    • Using the Available Options
  • Personal Care Service Worker (PCSW) Management
    • Hiring PCSWs Through the FMS Program
    • Setting Policies for PCSWs
    • Problem Solving
    • Day-to-Day Management Issues


Our program is structured to meet individual needs and accentuate the strengths of each participant. We stress the importance of complete consumer choice in establishing goals, methods of training, and the times at which training will take place. We will tailor our training to meet individual needs. We have a hands-on approach to training. One-on-one training, peer networking, and group training with Independent Living Skills Trainers are types of instruction available.