W.O.R.K. Program Independent Living Counseling Services

Contact: Jennifer Moore, Independent Living Counselor/Team Lead
785-841-0333 ext. 146 (office)
785-371-0888 (direct)

Independent Living Counseling  (ILC) is a service offered by Independence, Inc. under the Kansas Working Healthy/Work Opportunities Reward Kansans (WORK) Program and is offered across the entire state of Kansas.

Download Work I L C Brochure here

This ILC service is available to qualified persons with disabilities in the Working Healthy Program who are employed or wish to become employed in the state of Kansas.

Our Independent Living Counselors provide case management to help navigate the employment process and help to ensure success in employment through discussing WORK policies, procedures and options, assisting with budgeting and other independent living needs, identifying and accessing supports and training as needed, and more…

To qualify for Working Healthy, one must:

  • Be 16-64 years of age
  • Meet the social security definition of disability
  • Have verified earned income from competitive employment
  • Earn a min. of $65.01/month
  • Earn at least minimum wage
  • Be a Kansas resident
  • Have significant health needs

Working Healthy

The Kansas Working Healthy Program is a Medicaid Buy-In program that acts as an employment incentive to help ensure that people with disabilities who want to work are able to do so. It is a designed for those whose income exceeds the Medicaid limit and whose health needs are considered significant.

The Working Healthy Program incentivizes employment by allowing participants to increase their income without being subject to a higher spend down or losing Medicaid eligibility altogether. Working Healthy offers an affordable premium in place of the spend down.

WORK Program

The Kansas Work Opportunities Reward Kansans (WORK) program is part of the Working Healthy program and offers various services to those who need additional supports. It is designed to help working people with disabilities take advantage of and make the most of employment opportunities and career goals while still maintaining health care coverage.

One of the services available through the Working Healthy WORK program is Independent Living Counseling.

If you choose Independent Living Counseling Services through Independence, Inc., you will be paired with an experienced, knowledgeable, caring professional who will be there to help guide you through the employment process, listen to your goals and provide supports to help achieve those goals.

Independent living, self-direction and inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities are the philosophies that guide our work. We are ready to put those values to work for YOU!