Our Staff






►Jill Dudley, Executive Director







Daniel Brown, Core Services Manager








LaNeece Jardon, Transportation Manager



Amy Ballinger, Community Engagement Manager








Alisa Snyder, Business & FMS Payroll Manager








Bob Mikesic, Information and Referral Specialist









Emily frye, Independent Living Specialist









Patti Sergent, Billing and Payroll Specialist









Ashley Fox, Billing and Payroll Specialist II



► [open position]  Independent Living & Peer Counseling Specialist








Carol Collier, Information and Referral Specialist


Jennifer Moore, WORK ILC Manager


Lynn Larsen, Independent Living Counselor








Makayla Bockover, Independent Living Counselor


dark skinned female with long black braided hair wearing a bright red button up blouse with one hand on hip smiling at the camera







Jerica Jones, Independent Living Counselor


Chip for website

Chip, Transportation


Jeanna for website

Jeanna, Transportation


Dean, Transportation


Larry, Transportation