Public Health Worker – Advocacy and Resources

informational flyer containing an image of a white man with short brown hair wearing a light blue t shirt and blue jeans sitting a wheelchair in an outside setting shaking the hand of and smiling at another white male in an outdoor setting and text that reads we are here t ofurther support our consumers and community with extended covid related resources and services through a newly established position Social Support and Resource Specialist


Our new Public Health Worker position – titled “Social Support and Resource Specialist” – was established in June of 2022 to address both the ongoing and emerging needs of our communities and individuals related to the Covid-19 pandemic and to identify and prepare for future public health challenges. This includes functions like outreach, education and assisting individuals with disabilities in accessing and receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, testing, support, information and resources available to them in their communities. [see also our COVID-19 Resource Page]

This includes information, resources, support and referrals relating to:

  • Long-Covid
  • Vaccine access
  • Vaccine hesitancy
  • Testing access & acquiring home tests
  • Mitigating Medicaid coverage losses when the Public Health Emergency ends
  • Continually offering updated COVID-19 information and resources through our COVID Resource Page
  • Barriers related to mental health access, social connections, employment access and more
  • Work place accommodations
  • Barriers to housing and reasonable accommodation requests
  • Emergency preparedness
  • and much more!


Amy Ballinger, Social Support and Resource Specialist
785-841-0333 ext. 119
or direct line: 785-371-1646